Highlander Press guides you through the entire process of becoming a published author

write the book only you can write
write the book only you can write
publish a book
publish a book you are proud of
stand out
stand out from the crowd

How is Highlander Press Different?

You have a story in your heart but wonder,
“Why would anyone want to read it?”

Highlander Press, a hybrid, boutique publishing house, not only ensures that you’re writing the best book you can, but as many eyeballs as possible see your book.

Whether your story is a seed, a sapling, or an entire forest, Highlander Press guides you through the entire process of becoming a published author
— a dream that’s lived in your heart for a long time.

How is Highlander Press Different

Your book will change not only your life but the lives of all your readers.

How It Works.

Highlander Press supports you through the entire process of becoming a published author.

writing process
Book a coffee

Did you know that…

Over two million books are self-published annually?
That’s 4,500 a day! And most nonfiction books sell less than 250 copies?

To make money on your book, at least 1,000 people must purchase it — people who only know you because your book was recommended to them?


Highlander Press supports you from concept through impact.

we can help you
Get the right editor e-book


“I’m confused about how I should publish” is a common refrain we hear. It can feel overwhelming trying to understand copyrights, licensing, traditional versus indie publishing, and so much more! This video explains the pros and cons of each kind of publishing and shares insights for making the best choice for you.

Frank Demming

“As a result of hiring Debby, my book became an Amazon Bestseller…”

I had the pleasure of hiring Debby Kevin to help write and edit my book, and I could not have been happier with the results. I had interviewed other writers/editors, and Debby’s process made the most sense to me in terms of what I needed to do to meet a deadline I was trying to make. As a result of hiring her, my book became an Amazon Best Seller within the first three months of its release. I can’t thank Debby enough for putting me in the spotlight and letting my audience know how I can help them.
You’re the real deal, Debby.

Frank Demming, 7 Steps to Recession-Proofing Your Business June 30, 2020


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