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3 Magic Words

When most of us hear the phrase “magic words,” we automatically think of “please” and “thank you.” While I wholly approve of these three words, they aren’t the ones I’m talking about.

These magical words are common, yet are often missing from our website or other business communication copy.

They are:

  1. You
  2. Imagine
  3. Because

(As an aside, am I the person who sings in her head, “because, because, because” from the Tigger song whenever the word “because” appears?)


The “you” to which I refer is your client. Take a look at your website homepage or sales landing page. Count how many times you use the word “you.” Now count up how many times you use the word “I.” Chances are you’re focused more on the “I” or yourself than your clients. (Hate to tell you this, but it’s normal!) How can you reframe your words to come from the “you” perspective? Think about what keeps your clients up at night, worrying. Describe in detail this hell that they’re suffering in. Show them you completely get where they’re coming from.


No, not dragons (though I do dig Imagine Dragons!). Use this magic word to describe your clients’ heaven. What could their lives be like? Tap into sensory descriptions and feelings. Have them shaking their heads in agreement. “Yes, please. I’ll have what she’s having.” Imagine how magnificent it would feel to have your clients seeing themselves in your words!


Because is perhaps the most magical of these three words. According to Ellen Langer, a social psychologist, and professor at Harvard University, when a reason is given — any reason — 90% compliance occurs. And the reason doesn’t even have to be a great one! “The researchers hypothesize that people go on “automatic” behavior or “mindlessness” as a form of a heuristic, or short-cut. And hearing the word “because” followed by a reason (no matter how lame the reason is), causes us to comply.” (Psychology Today, Oct. 15, 2013)

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