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3 Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Content

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I believe in the power of blogging for our businesses because it helps us get clear on our value proposition while serving our ideal clients. Some people worry about “giving too much away for free.” And, although I’m not advocating that you give the farm away, I do believe in the karma of generosity.

Blogging takes time. It’s true. There’s the brainstorming of topics. Researching. Finding images. Creating a call-to-action. Oh…not to mention the actual writing and editing and publishing time. Yet, I maintain that it’s still worth the effort. Why?

The biggest reason why is by creating content to help our ideal clients, we demonstrate the level of caring and service they can come to expect when they do decide to work with us. In the spirit of generosity, I’d like to share with you three ways you can repurpose your blog content in a way that leverages your time and effort. Ready?

One: Social Media Posts

That’s right. Once you’ve scheduled your well-written blog post, open up and create a few graphics to share on social media in support of your blog. Once you have the designs created, schedule them on your business Facebook page. Then copy them on your phone to share via Twitter and Instagram after the post publishes. Boom!

Two: Pinterest

You may be scratching your head, thinking, “Why is Pinterest being called out apart from social media?” That’s because there’s a misunderstanding about what Pinterest is…and what it’s not. Pinterest is a search engine (think Google), and it is not a social media platform. That means you don’t use hashtags on Pinterest, but rather use keywords.

On your Pinterest business page, make sure your first board is for your blog posts. Once they’ve published, be sure to share them to Pinterest, setting up appropriate keywords. Want to see how it’s done? Visit my Pinterest account.

Three: A Book

You knew I would go there, right? It’s true that once you have collected blog posts that fall into pre-determined categories, you’ll eventually have the raw material for a book. I’m not referring to downloading your posts and slapping a cover on them. No. I’m referring to having a rough draft that can be evaluated for gaps, creating connections, and providing insight into what you actually want to publish. Hint: I’m always going to challenge you to think about what your readers need and less about what you want to publish (I’m only referring to nonfiction here before you get your proverbial panties in a bunch).

I’m hosting a webinar on March 26 at 1 pm ET all about “Finding the Book in Your Business.” I hope you’ll join me. Register now with this link.


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