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When Connections are Strong, Time Doesn’t Matter

The ol’ gang at Maxwell’s on Main. Doylestown, PA.

This week, I had the great fortune of reconnecting with two long-time friends with whom I’d fallen out of regular contact. Over 25 years elapsed between gathering at my apartment and grabbing dinner at Maxwell’s on Main. Back in the day, we were like the Three Musketeers. Well, that is if the three musketeers had been video-obsessed, movie-quoting kids! Our shenanigans were legendary (just ask us).

Despite losing time and living apart from each other, the moment we were together felt as though we’d traveled in a time-machine that transported us backward at warp speed. We jumped right into our own vernacular, holding entire conversations using movie quotes and recalled memories. My face and sides still hurt from laughing. And I haven’t stopped smiling since. It was GLICE (‘cause that’s a WORD!).

Our sense of connection ran strong and deep.

You’re thinking, perhaps, that this is a nice story and wondering what it has to do with our businesses. Here’s the connection: how I felt with my friends is how we want our clients to feel about us — that we “get” them on a deeply personal and visceral level. That our connection spans beyond one or two projects or programs. That we care about their stories and their experiences. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Your blog is one tool that can help them feel this way. When you generously share information and stories, your clients are drawn to you, which is just the beginning of a terrific relationship. If you’re lucky, even the start of a friendship.

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