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Frequently Asked Questions

We find that many potential authors have loads of questions, often they’re similar.
To support you in your quest, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

1. How long does it take to write a book?

The short answer is, it depends. Focused daily writing, without editing as you go, can result in a page a day (roughly 500 words). If you are writing a hundred-page book, you can have it drafted in about four months. Note that this is the book’s first draft!

2. How many drafts will it take until my book is ready for publication?

The short answer is, as many as is necessary, to get your best book published. Typically, most authors who work with Highlander Press will go through two-to-three complete revisions before we get to the layout stage.

3. How quickly can my book be published?

We publish our catalogs in the spring, fall, and winter months. At a minimum, you’re looking at nine months from contract through launch, although this is often longer. It depends on what stage your book is in when we contract with you.

4. What is your process?

Depending on when an author signs on with us, we’re either coaching them through the writing process or accepting their fully drafted book. From there, revisions are completed, and the book is sent to layout. While the book is being laid out, the cover design is created (yes, we allow our authors a say in how their books look). Once the book’s interior is finished, the book is proofread, and the author signs off on the final product. From there, our book elves prep the book for publication. While the back-end process is underway, you’ll be prepared for your online book launch, and we’ll begin the public relations process so that when your book is finally out in the world, you have an audience waiting for it.

5. Where are your books sold?

Our books—hardbacks, paperbacks, ebooks, and audiobooks—are sold on all kinds of online platforms and your local bookshops, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, and Books-a-Million.

6. How do I purchase my own books?

You contact your Highlander Press representative, and they’ll walk you through placing an order. You’ll receive author rates, which are the cost of printing and shipping your book order.

7. What kinds of books do you publish?

At present, Highlander Press is focused on nonfiction books, such as thought-leader books and memoirs. We plan to onboard novels and children’s’ books in the future.

8. Am I required to purchase a certain number of books?

No. Highlander Press uses a print-on-demand model as it’s more sustainable than printing and storing and distributing hundreds or thousands of books.

9. Who retains the copyright for my book?

Unlike “traditional” publishers where your book and its copyright(s) are purchased at auction, you retain the copyright to your writing. Highlander Press owns the ISBN.

10. What are the benefits I can expect from working with Highlander Press?

When you work with Highlander Press, you’re hiring five specialists for the price of one.

  • Strategy: With our corporate communications executive-level experience, we know the importance of creating a workable plan and implementing it effectively. There’s no use writing a book no one wants or needs.
  • Writing: Our founder has worked in the trenches as a copywriter, writer, ghostwriter, and content specialist. She knows writing secrets to draw your ideal prospects in and help you build “know, like, and trust” relationships with them. Plus, she’s a word alchemist, and she’s sprinkled all that fairy dust all over the whole company!
  • Editing: To have materials properly edited is, when one considers the whole process of publishing materials, and the impact that the client wishes to make, a minor expense. Sloppiness loses readers, loses customers.
  • Coaching: We use our change management experience to read cultural landscapes. We unite people by creating, collaborating, and communicating in a way that fosters teamwork. Plus, we’re excellent at holding our clients in loving accountability.
  • Visibility: Our clients get the best information on showing up and being visible in their fields. From an electronic press kit, press releases, and social media suggestions, our clients show up fully as themselves. (And that’s badass!) We’ve gotten clients on NPR, ESPN, and ABC News, among many other outlets.

This five-for-one approach saves you time and money. As our relationship matures, the benefits of working together will only increase.

11. What are Debby’s qualifications?

Hello? She writes! You want more? Okay. The best writers are usually the best readers, and she’s a voracious reader of literature, nonfiction, and business information. After years of working with corporate communications, she attended Stanford University’s creative writing program and wrote a novel. She’s honed her craft under some of the best professors, writers, and mentors. Heck, she’s even been published a few times herself.

As a publisher and editor, she’s been involved in over two dozen books—so far! Additionally, she’s in the process of earning her M.A. degree in publishing from Western Colorado University.

12. Do you offer coaching services?

Yes, We work with clients to write their best books. This service is highly recommended if you are new to book writing or are a procrastinator.

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