This book is a must-have resource for any entrepreneur who wants to understand the value behind support, connection, and nurturing yourself to build a thriving business. 

Shelley Wilson, author and writing mentor

Women entrepreneurs: are you tired of using traditional marketing methods that are misaligned with your values or mission?

Do you want to learn how to promote your business authentically and effectively while staying true to your purpose?

Would you like to grow your business in a way that generates revenue and creates a positive change in the world?

Heart-Centered Marketing provides a fresh perspective on marketing that prioritizes authenticity, connection, and social responsibility. It is based on the notion that marketing doesn’t have to feel sleazy or manipulative. In fact, when done right, marketing can be a powerful tool for spreading your message and creating change.

Through this book, you’ll learn practical strategies for building relationships with your ideal audience, crafting a compelling brand story, and leveraging your unique strengths and values to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

So, if you’re ready to transform your approach to marketing and build a business that aligns with your purpose and values, our non-marketing marketing book is the perfect resource for you!

Advanced Praise for

Heart-Centered Marketing

“Each chapter provides lived experiences, unique insights, and takeaways that are actionable and will move you forward. This is a great read and also a great reference point as I continue to grow my business.”

Kirsteen Williamson-Guinn

Elevate Women

“The simplest path to success as an entrepreneur is finding a version of marketing that actually fits YOU, and Heart-Centered Marketing is a must-read resource for doing exactly that!”

Sara Torpey

Business Coach

“As professionals, we often get caught up in the numbers and forget about the human element of marketing. This book reminds us to put people first and build meaningful client relationships. “

Mindy Van Vleet

Polka Dot Powerhouse Regional Director

Buy your copy on launch day, March 6, and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win one of several other Highlander Press books. 


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