How to make your posts “sticky”

Continuing from my last post on The Curse of Knowledge, today we’ll talk about the notion of making your writing ‘sticky.’ No, I’m not talking about saltwater taffy or cinnamon buns (although, YUM). The stickiness of ideas makes what you have to say resonate with your ideal clients.

Velcro ideas

Ideas that stick with your clients work like velcro and stay with them long after your conversation has ended. You know you’ve hit the mark when the next time you meet or chat, your client says, “I’ve been thinking about what you wrote.” Bazinga!

Watch my short video about making your writing sticky.

Now you try:

  1. Pull up one of your old blog posts.
  2. How sticky does it feel?
  3. Where could you revise it to improve stickiness?

In my next post, I’ll share six ways to make your writing stickier. Want to learn more? Read Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath.


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