Insights on converting your blog to a book

I had the honor of being interviewed last week on The Lora Shipman Show and during the podcast, we talked all about taking your blogs to a book. Here’s what Lora shared.

Have you ever wanted to write a book but just didn’t know how to get started?  Or, what if you have a bunch of content that you knew would be great to put together in a book but weren’t sure how to link it all together?  You are in for a treat! Listen in on my latest podcast episode as I speak with writer, editor, and storyteller Deborah Kevin.
This episode is FULL of incredible information, especially if writing a book is on your bucket list.  Check out what we dive into and don’t miss the AWESOME freebie at the end of the podcast.
Listen to the podcast here:

Our chat included:

5:04  It’s possible to transform your blog into a book
5:40  There are different types of bloggers.  Determine what category you fall into
6:55  We talk about reframing your blog into a book
7:10  Blogging with no direction to blogging with purpose
8:30  Why blog categories are important, how they translate into a book, and how they keep you focus
9:29  Creating a plan for a year’s worth of blogging in less than half a day – yes, it’s possible!
11:00  Repurposing blog articles and how to use them in a book
12:22  How long should a business book be?
13:13  Making your individual blogs read like a book
14:14  How the blog to book process works
15:50  What about grammar skills?  What if they are bad?
16:28  Capturing your voice
17:20  Understanding “The Curse of Knowledge” and how it affects your writing
19:48  3 step process to get out of your head and into your audiences head
23:15  Tackling writer’s block
25:14  What time of day is the best time to write and how long should you write for?
29:25  The 2 major components of a blog
30:56  How long does the blog to book process take?
31:52  The “Messy Middle” and how to survive it
32:40  The book launch
34:13  Amazon Best Seller Status
34:37  Understanding a “Speaker One Sheet” and why everyone should have one
36:28  Why you need 3 bios and a description of each
39:00  “The Curse of Knowledge” and how it relates to you not connecting with your audience
42:27  FREEBIE Announcement
Listen to the podcast here:


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