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Highlander Press is committed to serving change-making entrepreneurs in writing and publishing the best books in the universe! We offer many ways to accomplish getting your thoughts and ideas out there. Our services include:


Highlander Press offers a variety of writing classes to support you on your journey to becoming a published author!

Lead Generation Book

If you’re writing a sixty-to-a-hundred-page book intended to attract your ideal clients and establish your expertise, then this course may be perfect for you. You will be guided through the entire process of finally writing the book that will be “The Only Business Card You’ll Ever Need.”

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Do It Yourself Expert Book

Thought-Leader Book

Entrepreneurs, who have been in business a while, have learned a few things, and have big ideas to share, are often called to write a thought leader book. This type of book is substantive (think 250-300 pages), and is often an evolution of their Expert Book. Whether you’re still in the idea phase, have a rough draft, or a completed manuscript, Highlander Press can meet you where you are and guide through the process of publishing this big idea book.

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Thought-Leader Book


Have you been told by more than one person that you ought to write a book about your life? If so, you may have been thinking about writing a memoir to share your inspirational story to light the way for others. A memoir is a medium-length book that highlights a part of your life, sharing lessons you’ve learned to support others with similar stories. Regardless of if you’re still in the idea phase or have a rough draft Highlander Press’s Storyteller’s Lab can meet you where you are and guide through the process of writing your compelling and inspiring memoir.

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Are you a natural-born storyteller, who is looking to further explore the craft of fiction and develop your storytelling skills. Storyteller’s Lab: Fiction is taught LIVE virtually.

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Although the term “editing” is used broadly, there are, in fact, four categories of editing. At Highlander Press, we serve all writers, regardless of what kind of editing their work needs.
Developmental editor. This editor looks at the big picture. Does your book work? Are you using all the story elements appropriately (yes, even nonfiction books use story elements)? Feedback from this editor will strengthen your overall book, whether it’s a novel or nonfiction.

Line editor. A line editor will provide a comprehensive critique that includes developmental structure, word choice, writing style, and language.

Copyeditor. A copyeditor could also be called the grammar and punctuation police! This editor also ensures consistency of spelling and terminology throughout your book.

Proofreader. Once your book has been set-up in InDesign and uploaded, a proofreader gives your book a last once over to ensure that there’s nothing funky going on (like missing pages or paragraph truncation—because I know from experience that this happens!).



Highlander Press is a boutique, hybrid press, which means there is an investment made by the author, factoring in the size and shape of the book, book format, and printing styles.

If you have a completed book that you wish for us to consider, please visit the Submissions page of this website.



Writing a book is only part of the success equation. If you’re thinking, “I’ll just write a book, and everyone will see it,” you’re off-base (this isn’t Field of Dreams!). At Highlander Press, we hold all our authors’ hands through an online launch and celebration. Launching includes provided an electronic press kit, press release, and a coordinated launch sequence with your supporters. The launch sequence includes social media graphics, posts, Tweets, and email templates.

All our publication packages include a launch, but we don’t do launches for books we aren’t publishing. Visit the Submissions page of this website to submit your work for consideration.



Promoting your book is truly more than half the battle. If you have a well-written book, do it justice and promote it via your email list, social media accounts, podcasts, television, and radio. An optional add-in to our publishing packages includes expanded promotion beyond a launch.

Visit the Submissions page of this website to submit your work for consideration.


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