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Storytellers Lab

Embark on a transformative journey through the realms of imagination at our Storyteller’s Lab and learn how to craft elements needed for a story or book of which you can be confidently proud—while avoiding self-doubt, frustration, and overwhelm.

Storytellers Lab Illustration

Have you ever felt called to write a book—whether a lead generation book, a memoir, thought-leader book, or a novel?
Have fears like these stopped you from making your dream a reality?

“I’m not a writer…”
“I don’t know where to start…”
“It’s all been said before…”
“I don’t want my story to stink…”

If so, Storyteller’s Lab is just the place for you!

Each weekly one-hour session includes:

• Craft Concepts
• In-session writing prompts
• In-session writing time
• Student reading
• Feedback
• Q&A

Craft Elements Include:

• Character development
• Working with setting: immersing your reader in a place
• Creating a story arc to build and sustain tension
• Layered writing (the “what happens” and “so what” aspects)
• Bonus materials, like “writing with the end goal in mind” (nonfiction) or
w“writing the unexpected—writing with a magical twist” (fiction)

Participation in this class will:

• Help you increase your confidence (and stop second-guessing yourself)
• Guide you to identify your genre(s)
• Support you in developing your book’s or story’s theme
• Teach you about structure and, possibly, build your book’s scaffold
• Immerse you in a supportive and encouraging community of other writers and authors
• Get you writing—and having FUN with it!

Do It Yourself Expert Book

Why Join the Storyteller’s Lab?

Our laboratory is more than a workshop; it’s a crucible of creativity.
Here, you’ll join a cohort of fellow alchemists and writers passionate about transmuting the mundane into the magnificent. Under the guidance of seasoned narrators, you’ll experiment, iterate, and begin to master the crafts of fiction or nonfiction.

By the end of our eight-week odyssey, you’ll have a deep, intuitive understanding of the elements that makes stories work. You’ll emerge as a skilled storyteller, ready to captivate readers with tales that resonate with truth and imagination.

Spaces in our laboratory are coveted and limited. Secure your spot now and prepare to delve into the alchemy of storytelling. Your journey from aspiring writer to master storyteller begins here.

What’s Included:

• Eight weeks of LIVE one-hour online classes.

• Private recording of classes so you can review and revisit lessons

• Access to a private students-only space in our Author Academy

• Weekly two-hour writing time on Zoom, each Thursday from 11 amto 1 pm

Additional Bonuses

• Participation in our online community of other writers and authors to foster additional connection and support

• A course called “How to Unsuckify Your Bio”

• A Guide to Critique

• Guided meditations to help you get into a writing flow (and more!)

What Kind of Book Do You Want to Write?

About your instructors

Lead Generation, Memoir, and Nonfiction:

Deborah Kevin (pronounced “KEY-vin”),  the founder and chief inspiration officer of Highlander Press,  loves helping change-makers tap into and share their stories of healing and truth with impactful books. Debby, a Stanford University’s Novel Writing program graduate, earned a master’s degree in publishing from Western Colorado University. Her work has appeared in 166 Palms, Shine!, Your First Year, Heart-Centered Marketing, Little Patuxent Review, and she penned You’ve Written Your Book. Now What? She recently completed the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, and she lives in Maryland with the love of her life, Rob, her sons, and their puppy Fergus—that is when they’re not off discovering the world.


Kris Faatz (rhymes with skates) is a musician and award-winning writer. Her short stories have appeared in many journals and have received honors from DISQUIET International, NELLE, and Tiferet Journal, among others. Her first novel, To Love A Stranger (Blue Moon Publishers, 2017), links her passions for music and storytelling, and was a finalist for the 2016 Schaffner Press Music in Literature Award. Fourteen Stones marks the start of her immersion in fantasy and magic. Kris lives in Baltimore with her husband and feline contingent. She and her husband are enthusiastic hikers who love to explore all green spaces. When not escaping into the world of story, Kris teaches creative writing, provides editing services, and is a performing pianist.

Highlander Press, founded in 2019, is a hybrid publishing company committed to sharing big ideas and changing the world through words.

Highlander Press guides you from where you are in the writing-editing-publishing process to where you have an impactful book of which you are proud, making a long-time dream come true. Having authored a book improves your confidence, helps create clarity, and ensure that you claim your expertise.

What makes Highlander Press unique is our business model focuses on building strong relationships and collaborating with women-owned businesses, which specialize in some aspect of the publishing industry, such as graphic design, book marketing, book launching, and publicity. The mantra “a rising tide lifts all boats” is one they embrace.

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