“You’ll find something of value in each chapter to support you on your business journey!”

Becca Weinstein Intuitive visionary, energy coach, and artist, InnerFire Visioning for Empowered Alignment

Have You Ever Wished for a Shortcut to Entrepreneurial Success?

Do you want to do things the “right way?”

Or worry about making mistakes?

Here’s the truth: there is no one “right way,” and you will make mistakes. But that’s part of growing.

The generous and hard-won wisdom shared in this book won’t be a cure-all, but it will reassure you that following your internal GPS is just as (or maybe more) important as getting advice. From legally setting up your business to keeping clean bookkeeping records and effective marketing strategies through thriving through major health and life crises, this book will be your “go-to” guide as you step fully into a CEO role.

The women authors in this book want you to succeed. They’re cheering you on as you make an impact in YOUR FIRST YEAR…and beyond!


“Perfect for any woman who wants to start her own business but isn’t sure where or how to begin; offering real-world advice backed up by evidence makes it easier for women entrepreneurs to make informed decisions in order to reach their goals faster.”

“New entrepreneur? Don’t reinvent the wheel! This book is a blueprint for questions, concerns and most of all HELP for Your First Year.”

“Every question you would ever have about starting and growing your own business…ANSWERED! How refreshing to have at my fingertips, real stories, and real ideas, in a clean, easy-to-read manner.”

Dona Rutowicz

CEO and Founder, Divorcing Gracefully and Beyond

Karen Campbell

Campbell’s Scottish Terriers

Becca Probst

Author and Owner, Much Love, Becca, transformational coaching services, soul discovery sessions, and mediumship healing

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Deborah Kevin
Publisher | Editor| Author

The Your First Year authors.


Jill Celeste
Editor | Author
Cathy Agasar
Cathy Agasar
Cheri Andrews
Cheri Andrews
Gabriela Bocanete
Gabriela Bocanete
Hanne Brøter
Hanne Brøter
“Mo” Cooper
Maribeth Decker
Jennifer Kate
Nancy Linnerooth
Donna Kendrick
Pam Knox
Kelly Lutman
Margaret Martin
Nicole Meltzer
Connie Jo Miller
Suzanne Moore
Orianna Nienan
Laura Templeton
Kate Varness
Clare Whalley
Lee Murphy Wolf

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